When the Feds Come Knocking, You Need an Attorney

Facing criminal accusations of any kind can be scary as a conviction can result in severe penalties and affect your personal and professional lives. Hiring a criminal defense attorney is key to any sort of accusation that you may be facing in state or federal court. Working with a qualified criminal defense attorney with experience at the federal level can help you avoid a conviction or get reduced penalties.

Although certain crimes can lead to state-level investigations and trials, they may result in federal charges if you have violated any federal laws, affected interstate commerce, crossed state borders, or committed the crime on federal property. If federal agents conducted the investigation, the US Attorney can elect to prosecute you at the federal level.

Federal Prosecution Has More Resources for Investigation

In addition to the seriousness of the charges, US governmental agencies that investigate your case have more substantial resources than state law enforcement and judicial systems. Their greater time, money, and personnel investment can help the prosecution establish the elements they need to secure your conviction.  This means that building a defense can be even more challenging as the prosecution has fewer limitations on their ability to develop sufficient evidence to convict you.

Federal Convictions Have Severe Penalties

Depending on the type and severity of a federal crime, a jury can convict you of either a federal misdemeanor or felony. However, misdemeanor prosecutions are rare and misdemeanor options/alternatives are limited. In more serious cases, most of which are charged as felonies at the federal level, a conviction can lead to expensive fines of $250,000 or more, forfeiture of cash, real and personal property, and from several years to lifetime prison sentences. Some federal crimes require mandatory prison sentences; victim restitution is always mandatory in federal cases.

A federal conviction has also lasting consequences for your day-to-day life, as you may lose custody of your children, be unable to own a firearm or vote in federal elections and have difficulties finding a job or securing housing. A permanent criminal (felony) record always has an impact on your professional and personal life, but one or more federal convictions can especially interfere with your opportunities.

Federal Laws Are Complex

Although state laws can be complex when you are not a lawyer, federal laws and judicial processes are even more difficult to understand. An experienced federal criminal defense attorney can help you navigate the daunting system from the investigation by one or more government agencies to the grand jury, thorough trial and/or sentencing. Familiarity with, and knowledge of all applicable federal rules and procedures is central to increasing your chances of securing a positive outcome. Any mistakes made on your part can negatively impact your future.

Your Attorney Helps Protect Your Rights

With such high stakes, it is imperative that you work with a criminal defense attorney who has an understanding of federal law and how it can intersect with state laws. You should contact one as soon as you are under federal investigation or face federal charges, so your attorney can help you avoid answering questions you should not or advise whether you should or should not cooperate with law enforcement.

An experienced federal criminal defense lawyer will carefully review your case and explain all your options before starting to build your defense. If there is a conviction, he can also evaluate whether you should file an appeal and how to do it effectively if necessary.

What should an Offender do if they are being Charged with a Crime?

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