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Being charged with a DUI in Mississippi can be a life-changing situation, but things may become even more serious if your DUI offense is a felony. There are several ways in which a DUI in Mississippi may constitute a felony, and it is important to understand this system. If you have been charged with a DUI in Mississippi, you should seek legal help as soon as possible, especially if you think you may be facing a felony. A qualified legal expert can help you navigate the legal system in an efficient manner, and this may include getting your felony reduced to a misdemeanor charge.

First, let us examine how a DUI is defined in the state of Mississippi. Here are some factors that can result in a DUI charge:

  • Blood-alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher for a normal driver

Getting accused of a hate crime in the state of Mississippi is a serious situation that needs to be assessed wisely. Because of the subjective matter of what can be categorized as a hate crime by the victim, simply saying the wrong words in the wrong way can result in years of prison time. If you have been accused of a hate crime, you will need to know if the victim has a case and whether you can defend against it. The first step is to learn a little bit more about how hate crimes are handled in Mississippi.

How Is a Hate Crime Defined in Mississippi?

A hate crime in Mississippi is defined as a felony or misdemeanor that is perceived to be motivated by the following things:

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