How to Help Your Teenager Cope with Divorce

For teenagers, finding out that their parents are getting a divorce can bring many changes. Many teenagers already feel like everything in their life is out of control, and hearing that your parents are getting a divorce only makes this feeling worse. Each teenager is unique and will navigate a divorce differently. Thankfully, young people are extremely resilient, and with the right support, teenagers can cope with their parents’ divorce and come out the other side stronger.

How Your Teen Might React

Teenagers whose parents are going through a divorce will experience a wide range of emotions and may cope with the stress that divorce causes in many different ways. Sometimes teenagers cope with a divorce by engaging in risky behavior. Your teen might start acting out in an effort to get attention, or this type of rebellious behavior might just be their coping mechanism for dealing with the divorce. Drug use and early sexual activity are much more common among teenagers whose parents are divorced or are going through a divorce. Pay attention to who your teenager is hanging out with and what type of activities they might be participating in. Encourage them to participate in things that are a productive use of their time, and try to spend as much quality time with them as you can.

Teenagers whose parents are going through a divorce are also more likely to have a disruption in their education. You might see your teen start to make poor grades or be disengaged in their education. They might not want to go to school at all. You might also hear from your child’s school about behavior issues during class. These are normal reactions to finding out that your parents are going through a divorce, but as a parent, it will be important for you to encourage your child to stay engaged in their education and for you to stay engaged in their education as well.

How You Can Help

The best indicator of how well a teenager will handle their parents’ divorce is how well the parents can get along and cooperate during the process. If your teenager sees you constantly fighting with your spouse, this is going to increase their stress levels. Encourage their relationship with the other parent and try to be as consistent with rules as you possibly can.

Grieving is normal. Your teen is saying goodbye to the life that they had and entering a new phase of life that is unfamiliar and scary. Create space for your teen to safely share their feelings and emotions. Encourage them to share their worries, fears, and frustrations with you. Open communication between all family members is extremely important. If your teenager feels like they are getting left out of the loop, this could cause them to feel bitter and resentful. Allow your teenager to weigh in on decisions about their life when it is appropriate.

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