Halloween Horrors

Halloween is a fun family holiday that involves hundreds of years of tradition and enjoyment for those who participate. Halloween first originated from the ancient Celtic festivals where people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. This day has its importance in other areas as it is often marked as the end of summer and the summer harvest. October 31st has long been considered the beginning of the cold dark winter. Similar to the Celtics, Hispanic cultures have long celebrated “Día de los Muertos” or the “day of the dead” on November 1st. All though that sounds menacing, it is considered a time where relatives and ancestors visit loved ones here on earth. Additionally, here in the United States, in the early 1900’s when more and more people moved to the cities, and Halloween became a night of mischief and pranks.  Today, Halloween is for little children to go trick or treating, communities to get together, and people having parties and celebrations. However, remnants of the old traditions remain and even though the costumes and decorations can be spooky, the real horror is the rise in crime and the punishment some pay face for those crimes.


According to the NHTSA, 40% of the car accident fatalities are due to drinking and driving. Property crime is the most popular crime committed on Halloween and most of the crimes regard theft. Northeastern University, in a recent study, claims that violent crimes increase by as much as 50% on Halloween, two times the daily average.

Spooky Festivities Lead to Poor Choices

The increase in crime on Halloween is likely not due to some supernatural occurrence, but rather an intensified celebratory attitude that goes astray. Halloween brings the community out, and along with it comes drug and alcohol use. Additionally, it is known that people are usually out celebrating or taking the family trick or treating, providing an opportunity for potential thievery. Also, as Halloween is an almost accepted night of mischief, the pranks and vandalism often go further than a toilette papered house and lead to more serious property damage.

Don’t Get Tricked, Jail is No Treat
If you plan to go out and participate in the Halloween festivities, there are several things you can do to reduce your risk of being arrested.

First avoid drinking and driving. Not only is it unsafe and illegal on any day, its especially more dangerous as the streets are filled with young trick or treaters.

Second, do not let the excitement and theme of the holiday lead you to make poor decisions. It is easy to get carried away when partaking in the holiday fun, but when the fun goes too far, it will often lead down a long dark road to the penitentiary.

Third, if you are hosting any Halloween parties or events, be aware of mischievous teenagers that may try and attend these types of parties. It is illegal to provide a minor with alcohol or drugs and Halloween is one of those nights where things might slip.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney

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