Governor Tate Reeves May Veto New Marijuana Law in 2022

Like many states, Mississippi is starting to welcome the idea of legalized marijuana. However,
this is proving to be a slow, arduous process. Mississippi is lagging behind many other states
throughout the nation that have already passed decriminalization statutes. While Mississippi is
still toying with the idea of medical marijuana, other states have allowed the purchase, use, and
possession of recreational cannabis for years. Unfortunately for those who are hoping to buy
medical marijuana in the Magnolia State, it looks as though we may be hitting another
roadblock, as Governor Reeves may veto the new medical bill that is currently being developed.

If you are facing charges due to marijuana possession in Mississippi, you need to get in touch
with a qualified, experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The state might be
experimenting with less stringent laws when it comes to marijuana, but that does not mean the
justice system will give you much leniency if you have broken an existing law. With help from a
qualified attorney, you can fight for your rights and strive for the best possible outcome.

Reeves is Concerned About the Gram Limits

On December 28th of 2021, it was reported that Reeves had expressed concerns about the
medical marijuana bill in a recent Facebook post. In this social media post, the Governor stated
that he felt 3.5 grams (also known as an “eighth”) was too much marijuana for one person to
consume each day. Instead, he suggested that the number be cut in half in order to move forward
with the law.

Immediately, onlookers concluded that Governor Reeves was likely to veto the bill unless these
demands were met. Although this is just a social media post, it does carry the weight of an
elected official with considerable power.

Legislators Have Been Trying to Legalize Weed for Some Time Now

Legislators have been trying to legalize marijuana ever since voters approved the medical
program back in 2020. Over a year has passed, and progress seems to be moving forward at a
snail’s pace. On the one hand, Reeves has stated that he is concerned about whether the
marijuana will be used by patients with legitimate medical issues. But on the other hand, those
with legitimate medical issues would likely require a large amount of marijuana per day to
adequately treat their conditions. By recommending a lower dosage per day, Reeves appears to
be contradicting himself.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you have been following these developments closely, you might feel frustrated at the lack of
consistency from state authorities. On the one hand, they seem willing to accept the idea of
legalized marijuana (at least in some form). On the other hand, they seem to be hesitant to
actually move forward.

This can all be very confusing for marijuana users in Mississippi, and this confusion can easily
lead to criminal charges for innocent people who aren’t really hurting anyone. If you have been
charged with any crime related to marijuana possession in Mississippi, get in touch with Vic
Carmody Jr., P.A. We’ll help you strive for the best possible outcome and fight for your rights if
you have been accused of this victimless crime. Book your consultation today.

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