County Attorneys Named in Lawsuit

Prosecutors in Hinds and Rankin counties Justice Courts are accused of concealing information that could prove defendants innocent of alleged crimes.  A lawsuit was filed this April seeking an injunction against Hinds County Prosecutor Sherri Flowers and Rankin County Prosecutor Richard Wilson.  Take a further look at the article:

“The suppression of evidence favorable to persons accused of crimes is intentional on the part of the defendants,” the lawsuit says.  “The defendants have been repeatedly warned and placed on notice that the United States Constitution requires that such evidence not be hidden or suppressed.

Despite these warnings, the defendants have asserted that they simply do not have time to comply with these constitutional requirements.”

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of James Christopher Milone and Jimmy Lee Robinson involving Hinds County’s Justice Court and on behalf of Charles Lucroy against Rankin County’s Justice Court.


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