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A term like “simple assault” is extremely vague, especially when one considers the plethora of possible violent crimes in Mississippi. What exactly makes a simple assault “simple?” Is it the straightforward nature of the crime? Is it the lack of a deadly weapon? Could it be the minor nature of the resulting injuries? Many defendants ask these questions when they learn that they have been charged with simple assault in the State of Mississippi. The answers are not always clear, and it may take an experienced defense attorney to explain this deceptively complex crime in more detail. What exactly is simple assault in Mississippi?

Penalties for Simple Assault in Mississippi

The first thing you need to know about simple assault in Mississippi is that this crime is considered a misdemeanor. In other words, it is not a felony, and as such, the maximum penalties are lower. For most instances of simple assault, the longest period you can spend in jail is six months. In addition, you can face a fine of up to $500 for simple assault. 

Generally, the law frowns upon acts of violence against another person or persons that results in injury or death. However, there are certain circumstances in which an individual may defend themselves against the assault of another if, for example, they are acting in self-defense of themselves or others, so long as certain standards are met. 

There are conditions that an individual must satisfy for their use of force to be found as legally justifiable self-defense. First, the individual who claims to have acted in self-defense must have actually perceived an imminent threat of bodily harm and justify their perception. The individual must also demonstrate that he or she did not provoke the threat. You now may stand your ground and defend yourself in your home, your vehicle, or in your business. However, it is important to note that different states have different statutes that govern what does and what does not qualify as self-defense.

What is Justifiable Homicide in Mississippi?

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