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Mississippi does not just punish those who spread HIV. You may also be charged with a criminal offense if you spread other diseases, such as hepatitis B or hepatitis C. This means that if there is the risk of transmitting an STD, criminal charges could be involved.

You might assume that as long as you disclose your HIV status to another individual, you will not face criminal charges for any subsequent infections that might take place. However, Mississippi case law has clearly demonstrated that this is not the case. A famous example is McCoy v. State, in which a 41-year-old man infected a 15-year-old individual with HIV. The defendant argued that he had disclosed his HIV status, while the victim claimed the opposite. In the end, the court ruled against the defendant. This illustrates how difficult it is to actually prove that you have disclosed your HIV status in court.

If you knowingly expose other people to HIV, you will be charged with a felony. If convicted, you face a minimum prison sentence of three years and a maximum prison sentence of 10 years. You may also be fined $10,000. There is a subsection in this law that pertains specifically to people in prisons, including inmates, correctional employees, and visitors. If you knowingly cause people to come into contact with bodily fluids containing HIV in a prison, you will also be charged with a crime. In Mississippi, this is known as “endangerment by bodily substance.” 

Many people would rather not talk about issues like HIV and AIDS, but these conditions continue to be major issues in Mississippi. While the medical community has made significant advances when it comes to treating these ailments, there is still no known cure. The state of Mississippi has taken a tough stance against the spread of HIV, and legislators have created laws that can punish those who infect others. But what happens if you have infected someone with HIV? Can you really go to jail for this crime?


If you have been charged with any criminal offense in Mississippi, you should get in touch with a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible. Although Mississippi has tough laws when it comes to the spread of HIV, your attorney can help you fight for your rights and avoid jail t

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