A Child Sex Conviction Can lead to a Life of Misery

A child sex abuse charge and conviction can have a lasting impact on your life even when you know you have not committed the crime. Significant penalties and permanent damage to your reputation are direct results of this type of criminal conviction.

A conviction for child molestation can include: jail time, probation, fines, lifetime sex offender registration, loss of employment or professional licenses and/or loss of child custody.

False Accusations

False accusations can happen for various reasons, including a spouse that wants to get child custody and receive child support during a difficult divorce. No matter why your accuser brought up the child molestation against you, this can have lasting consequences on your reputation and life. Hiring a qualified criminal defense lawyer to protect yourself and to help clear your name of this type accusation.

You Need to Hire a Qualified Criminal Defense Attorney Immediately

As soon as you learn of allegations of child sex abuse against you, you should reach out to a criminal defense attorney for their advice. Thanks to the confidentiality of the relationship between lawyer and client, what you discuss with them cannot be shared or included during a trial or other legal proceedings. The sooner you hire an attorney to speak on your behalf, the easier communications with law enforcement and other involved parties becomes.

A criminal defense attorney who has a successful track record of helping defendants accused of sex crimes by adults and minors can guide you through the legal system and move to minimize the effects of these charges. There are several options to build an effective defense to obtain a dismissal of charges and clear your name from the false child molestation accusations.

In this type of case, the burden of proof falls on the alleged victim instead of on you. The accuser must prove “Beyond a reasonable doubt” that you committed sexual abuse against them or the victim if the accuser is a parent or guardian.

What You Can Do If Someone Wrongfully Accuses You of Child Molestation

Although your lawyer can advise you on how to approach each step of the legal process, knowing some key tips to protect yourself when wrongfully accused of child sex abuse can help.

You should gather any evidence you have about: your relationship with the alleged victim, your whereabouts at the time of the incident(s) mentioned by the accuser and gather a list of possible witnesses and their contact details for your attorney to interview. Share this information with your attorney as soon as possible to help them build your defense in a timely and effective manner.

You will have contact with law enforcement usually soon after the accuser has officially reported you. You should remain courteous with the police, but you should not directly speak about the accusations without an attorney present. Everything you say could be used against you before the court. Simply put, never sign anything, say anything, or do anything about these charges without your attorney present. Whether a judge forbids you from contacting the accuser or not, staying away from them is important.




How an Experienced Attorney Can Contest the Charges Against You

When you face a false accusation of child molestation, sometimes it is your word against the accuser’s– which makes a criminal defense lawyer’s help all the more important. Your attorney has several strategies available to help establish your innocence.

What should an Offender do if they are being Charged with a Child Sex Crime?

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