Michigan Man’s 12th DUI Leads to 2nd Degree Murder Charges

Charles Cahill, 49, is facing second-degree murder charges out of Wayne County, Michigan after he rear-ended a vehicle stopped at a stop sign that killed a 12-year-old passenger.

Other charges Cahill is now facing include: operating a vehicle with a high blood alcohol content causing death, operating while intoxicated, third offense, driving while license suspended causing death, and a misdemeanor charge of open intoxicants in a motor vehicle.

According to the Detroit Free Press: “[Cahill’s] driving record, police said, showed 12 drunken-driving convictions, ‘even though his driver’s license has been revoked by the Secretary of State since 1990.’”

Mississippi has recently enacted legislation that goes into effect in October that substantially increases the penalty for lifetime DUI convictions after 4th and subsequent convictions. Those charged with these types of DUI are in for a big surprise if they believe that there is a “5-year-window” the state can look at as to the enhanceable charges. In reality, the state can now look at a person’s entire driving record. While there are some questions about how this new law will be enforced in practice, talking with an attorney and gaining an advocate for one’s liberty is the best advice.

Bottom line: Mississippi is trying to make sure stories like this don’t happen in the Magnolia State.

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