What is the Difference Between Burglary and Larceny in Mississippi?

If you are facing criminal charges in Mississippi, you may not be sure about the difference between burglary and larceny. While both of these crimes involve theft, they also have many

differences. It is always a good idea to educate yourself on these matters if you think you may be facing either a burglary or larceny charge. That being said, the best course of action is to consult with a legal expert who can explain these matters in more detail. A qualified, experienced attorney can also guide you through the next steps of your criminal defense case.

What is Larceny

Larceny is simply another word for theft in the state of Mississippi. Larceny occurs when someone takes another person’s property without their permission and permanently deprives them of it in the future. Generally speaking, this “property“ must consist of tangible, personal items. In addition, you may be charged with larceny for receiving stolen goods, even if you did not actually commit the theft directly.

Mississippi has a number of different laws that pertain to specific types of larceny. These include:

  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Theft of Timber
  • Larceny of Rental Property
  • Larceny of Rental Agreements
  • Larceny of Coin Operated Machines
  • Theft of Crab Traps
  • Larceny of a Dog
  • Larceny of Livestock
  • Credit Card Theft
  • Stealing Crops

There are many other specific examples of different types of larceny that may each come with their own unique forms of punishment. That being said, larceny in Mississippi is typically divided into two different classifications:

Petit Larceny: Also known as petty theft, this type of larceny involves the theft of property with a value of less than $1,000. This is usually a misdemeanor, although punishments can be severe if the crime is committed at a place of worship.

Grand Larceny: If you have stolen property that is worth more than $1,000, you face a felony charge. Depending on the value of the stolen property, you may also face up to 10 years in prison.


What is Burglary? 


Burglary differs from larceny in that it involves a building or structure. Mississippi defines burglary as breaking and entering to steal property or commit a felony. Note that burglary usually involves theft of some kind, but you can be charged with burglary without actually stealing anything under certain circumstances.

In addition, the phrase “breaking and entering” does not necessarily refer to forcibly entering a building. Walking through an unlocked door or climbing through an open window still constitutes breaking and entering under Mississippi law. In most cases, burglaries are considered felonies in Mississippi, and you may face a long prison sentence if convicted.

What is the Difference? 

The main difference between burglary and larceny is that burglary involves unlawfully entering some type of building or structure, and larceny does not. While committing the crime of burglary, you may also commit larceny. On the other hand, you can commit larceny without ever entering someone else’s property.

Getting Legal Help 


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