What Happens When I Vandalize Public Buildings in Mississippi?

Many people consider graffiti a form of “street art,” and they appreciate its urban influences and risque style. Unfortunately, the law does not share that opinion, and anyone caught vandalizing property can face serious penalties in the state of Mississippi. Some forms of vandalism are worse than others. For example, vandalizing a public building is considered an especially heinous act, and you may face considerable consequences if caught. But how bad can the penalties be?

If you are facing vandalism charges in Mississippi, you should immediately get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Our legal professionals can help you strive for the best possible results in your case. If your child has been charged with vandalism, you can book a consultation with a private defense attorney on their behalf. Vandalism is considered a serious offense in Mississippi, and there is no sense in accepting needlessly excessive penalties.

School Prank Gone Wrong

In what has been described as a “school prank gone wrong,” several students faced disciplinary action after vandalizing their own school. For whatever reason, they decided to post the vandalism on TikTok and other social media platforms, thereby creating a wealth of incriminating evidence. Surveillance footage was also used to catch those responsible.

These students ran the risk of serious consequences, as “vandalism of public buildings” is its own separate crime in Mississippi. The law states that you are guilty of this crime if you:

“willfully or mischievously injure or destroy any of the burial vaults, urns, memorials, vases, foundations, bases or other similar items in a cemetery, or injure or destroy any of the work, materials, or furniture of any courthouse or jail, or other public building, or schoolhouse or church, or deface any of the walls or other parts thereof, or shall write, or make any drawings or character, or do any other act, either on or in said building or the walls thereof, or shall deface or injure the trees, fences, pavements, or soil, on the grounds belonging thereto, or an ornamental or shade tree on any public road or street leading thereto.”

Fortunately for these students, the principal has described them as “good kids,” and the matter will likely be handled internally without any charges being pressed.

Church Vandalized in Gulfport

In another instance of vandalism, several churches in Gulfport were vandalized in late March of 2022. Police investigated the incidents to see whether the crimes might be connected, but no one could come up with any explanation. Stained glass windows were broken, and seemingly trivial items – such as bibles and crosses – were stolen. As of yet, no one has been caught – but if those responsible are found, they will also face charges of “vandalism of public buildings.”

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