What Happens if You Commit Credit Card Fraud in Mississippi?

Credit card fraud is quite common across the United States, and Mississippi is no exception. People may be tempted to commit this crime for a number of reasons, including economic pressures or outstanding debts. Some may even commit credit card fraud without fully realizing it. But what happens if you are caught in the Magnolia State while committing credit card fraud? What kind of penalties can you expect, and how can you mitigate these legal consequences? 

 The answer to the second part of that question is quite simple: In order to mitigate legal consequences, you should get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney at your earliest convenience. Our legal professionals in Mississippi can guide you toward a positive outcome as quickly and as effectively as possible. Mississippi may take credit card fraud seriously, but there is no reason to accept needlessly excessive penalties.  

 Credit Card Fraud is Reported Extremely Quickly 

 The first thing you need to know is that credit card fraud can be detected, reported, and acted upon extremely quickly in the modern era. With new technology and active policies, defendants can be arrested within a matter of minutes after they fraudulently use someone else’s credit card.  

 For example, a pair of criminals in Jackson County were recently arrested within minutes of their photo being released to the public. These individuals had been committing credit card fraud, and they had spent more than $1,000 while on a shopping spree in the Jackson area. Part of the reason these suspects were arrested so quickly was because one of the individuals had a very characteristic facial tattoo. Still, anyone can experience this type of speedy police action when they commit credit card fraud in Mississippi – even if they look completely normal.  

 Credit Card Fraud Can be a Felony 

 Another important thing to consider is the fact that credit card fraud can be prosecuted as a felony. This is especially common if there were certain aggravating factors involved. For example, a woman in Mississippi was recently charged with felony credit card fraud because her victims were vulnerable seniors in her care. She was also charged with exploitation of a vulnerable adult in connection to this crime. This woman was apparently committing credit card fraud against multiple elderly adults in her care while working as a caregiver. This shows that the circumstances of your crime will be considered as well as the actual dollar amount that was fraudulently taken.  

 Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today 

 If you have been searching the Mississippi area for a qualified, experienced criminal defense attorney, look no further than Vic Carmody Jr., P.A. Over the years, we have helped numerous defendants in the Magnolia State, including those who have been accused of fraud. We know that this situation can seem quite daunting, but you are not alone in this fight. With our assistance, you can fight for your rights and strive for the best possible outcome. Book your consultation as soon as possible for best results.  

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