What are Expert Witnesses in Criminal Trials?

If you are facing a criminal trial, expert witnesses may play a significant role. But what exactly is an expert witness, and how may they affect your chances? The truth is that there are many different types of expert witnesses that could be called upon, and it all depends on the unique circumstances of your situation. However, you should know that expert witnesses have the potential to help you considerably – or diminish your chances of a positive outcome. 

If you are facing charges in Mississippi, you should get in touch with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Although you can always rely on a public defense attorney, a private lawyer can help you strive for better results in a much more efficient manner. The truth is that many criminal cases never reach trial, and skilled attorneys can help you work out certain deals without ever needing to call upon an expert witness. 

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is called upon to provide further insights into specific areas. Their job is essentially to educate the court and the jury about the details of these matters, and then offer their own professional opinion. These opinions have the potential to sway the outcome of a trial considerably. Here are some examples of expert witnesses:

  • Psychologists: Psychological professionals are called upon by the court on a fairly regular basis. This is because in a criminal trial, an insanity plea may allow a defendant to pursue a lighter sentence. But in order to convince the jury that the defendant really is insane, a psychologist must examine them and come to that conclusion independently. They are then required to testify as to their findings. 
  • Accountants: Accountants and other financial experts are often called upon in cases of so-called “white-collar crime,” where fraud and similar offenses have been committed. These professionals show the court how certain sums of money might have been moved around, and where violations might have occurred. 
  • Forensics Experts: Forensics experts are often called upon in the case of violent crimes, such as murders. These individuals may have examined the crime scene and come to various conclusions that could affect the outcome of trials. Some forensics experts are specifically trained to examine shell casings and firearms, and this can help them determine who fired certain weapons. 

Can an Expert Witness Help My Trial?

The decision of whether to call upon an expert witness depends entirely on your unique situation, but it is certainly possible to benefit from their use. If the prosecution relies on an expert witness, you can also call upon your own expert witness, who may come to a different conclusion and throw doubt on the earlier testimony. 

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