Truth Without Consequences

Folks will lie to get what they want if they think they can get away with it. It may seem completely unbelievable to the average person but there are people out there that have no hesitations about accusing others of molestation or rape. Although official numbers have never been accurately determined, there are estimates that accusations of a crime as serious as sexual molestation or rape are falsified or exaggerated by up to 40%. The question then becomes why would someone want to lie about being molested or sexually assaulted.

There are three main reasons why false molestation or rape accusations come about, such as:

  1. Monetary gain: Based on the details of the case and the emotional and physical harm allegedly inflicted, a judge may order restitution be paid by the offender to the “victim.”
  2. Divorce advantage: If there is a divorce in progress, accusations of molestation or rape can easily sway the family law court’s opinion on child custody and property division, removing benefits and rights from the accused.
  3. Reputation destruction: Sometimes false accusations stem from nothing more than jealousy and pettiness. Even without a conviction, a person’s reputation, name, and future can be tarnished once they are falsely accused of molestation.

Protecting Yourself from False Molestation Accusations

You know that the molestation or rape accusations against you are entirely fabricated, but no one else does. You still need to treat the situation as seriously as you would any other criminal defense case, starting with preparation of proof to bolster your argument of innocence. With an experienced criminal defense attorney from the Carmody Law Firm on your side, finding evidence that weighs in your favor could help determine your innocence.

What Evidence do Attorneys Search for to Prove Their Client’s Innocence?

Many criminal defense attorneys often have their ways of proving their client’s innocence in a case, but a few of the common methods that an attorney could use are as follows:

  1. Medical records: People falsifying molestation claims often go too far in their descriptions of the alleged incidents at one point or another, eventually detailing physical assault that would have left some noticeable harm or mark. Studying the “victim’s” medical records can reveal that they never sought help following sexual abuse, despite that being the logical move.
  2. Psychological evaluations: Our attorneys to do not go lightly on someone who is intent on ruining your life. Oftentimes a psychological expert will be contacted to evaluate the mental health of your accuser. With their review and testimony, it could be shown to the court that the accuser either hates you for other reasons or is a pathological liar.
  3. Criminal history: It is pretty uncommon for someone to suddenly break character and commit a sex crime. Typically, a criminal history stemming back to youth is present. If you can show that your criminal record is clean, or free of sex crimes, it will damage the accuser’s story.
  4. Conversation review: In today’s digital age, nearly everyone uses text, direct messages, and emails to converse with one another. It would be logical to assume that someone who was actually sexually molested would mention it to someone through an online source. If scouring their phone and email records show no such conversation ever occurred, it would be indicative that the event didn’t either.
  5. Cross-examinations: Possibly the most powerful tool in defending our clients, cross-examinations conducted by a highly-experienced criminal defense attorney can shut down any false and inaccurate testimony.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney

When you are searching the state of Mississippi for a qualified, experienced criminal defense attorney, look no further than Vic Carmody Jr., P.A. No matter the circumstances of your case, the sooner you get in touch with a qualified criminal defense attorney, the better chance you have for a favorable outcome.  Over the years, we have helped numerous offenders who have been charged with sex crimes. Please call us for a free consultation today, and we can help you defend yourself when you are arrested and charged with a sex crime in Mississippi.

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