Stalking is Not Always About Relationships

When most of us hear the word “stalker,” we imagine a disgruntled ex-boyfriend who follows a woman around and spies on her. But stalking is not always about relationships. In Mississippi, you can be charged with stalking someone who is not your ex, such as a public official, a celebrity, or anyone else for that matter. This is definitely something to keep in mind if you face stalking charges, since many people assume that this law only applies to romantic relationships. One recent example of stalking in Mississippi highlights the fact that it is much more universal.  

Man Faces Felony Stalking After String of Incidents with Oxford Mayor 

On July 6th, it was reported that the Lafayette County Circuit Court had denied bail for a man facing felony stalking charges. He was not stalking an ex-partner but rather the mayor of Oxford, Robyn Tannehill. This incident really began all the way back in 2017, when the defendant appeared in the town square armed with a military-style rifle and a Confederate flag.  

When he refused to leave, he was charged with disorderly conduct. This one-man protest was apparently sparked when the mayor decided to replace the old state flag with its Confederate symbol. After the mayor made this decision, she faced threats on social media from the defendant. To make things even more complicated, it seems that the mayor’s husband is a local attorney who represented the defendant’s ex in a child custody dispute.  

There were allegations of domestic violence in this child custody case against the defendant. Clearly, this became a personal issue for the defendant, and the Tannehills got a restraining order against him. He was also ordered to leave Lafayette County for five years following a separate stalking incident back in 2017 against two restaurant owners. When those five years expired, the defendant returned to Lafayette County and entered City Hall.  

However, he was still charged with violating the restraining order, with a resulting court case that involved the defendant shouting at the Tannehills and the judge while giving them the middle finger. In his defense, the defendant claims that the City Hall is a public building, and that he had every right to be there.  

What should an Offender do if they are being Charged with Stalking? 

If you have been charged with stalking is Mississippi, you need to get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The legal professionals at the Carmody Law Firm can help you fight for your rights and push back against needlessly excessive penalties. With our help, you can potentially mitigate any potential consequences you might be facing. Because of the serious nature of stalking charges, it is imperative that you consult with a private defense attorney as soon as possible.  

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