Questions Raised About Prison Conditions in Mississippi

Despite the fact that many people look down upon criminals and view them with contempt, these individuals still have rights. Unfortunately, many prisons across the United States do not treat prisoners according to these rights. A recent report from the Department of Justice has found that the Mississippi State Penitentiary has violated the US Constitution on numerous occasions. This raises serious questions about how we approach criminal justice in the Magnolia State, and the report may result in considerable consequences for those who allowed this misconduct and negligence to continue.

If you feel as though you or a loved one has experienced poor prison conditions, you can get in touch with a criminal defense attorney and make a legal challenge. In some cases, this can help inmates achieve better conditions. It is always important to fight for your rights, whether you have been accused of a crime or not. Of course, the best possible outcome is to steer clear of prison altogether. Once again, a criminal defense attorney can help you accomplish this. It is best to get in touch with a defense lawyer as soon as you face charges.

What is Happening in the Mississippi State Penitentiary?

According to a recent report published by the Department of Justice, the Mississippi State Penitentiary is guilty of allowing “severe, systemic” issues to manifest. Also known simply as “Parchman,” this facility has apparently violated the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution. The Eighth Amendment specifically prohibits excessive bail, while the Fourteenth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.

The DOJ raises a number of concerns, including:

  • Inadequate mental health treatment
  • Failure to implement suicide prevention methods
  • Prolonged solitary confinement
  • Egregious conditions
  • Placing people in situations where there is substantial risk of serious harm
  • Failing to protect inmates from other inmates

Assistant Attorney General Clarke stated that:

“The Constitution guarantees that all people incarcerated in jails and prisons are treated humanely, that reasonable measures are taken to keep them safe, and that they receive necessary mental health care, treatment, and services to address their needs. Our investigation uncovered evidence of systemic violations that have generated a violent and unsafe environment for people incarcerated at Parchman.”

The investigation first began in 2020, and the DOJ has been quietly spending the past year gathering information about conditions inside the penitentiary. Further investigations throughout Mississippi are still underway. Reports concerning the Southern Mississippi Correctional Institution, Central Correctional Facility, and Wilkinson County Correctional Facility are expected to be released soon.

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