New Albany MS Ordinance Allowing Beer Sales Goes Into Effect

An ordinance to allow the sale of beer and light wines went into effect this passed Monday in New Albany.  The businesses that have applied for the permit to sell still have not received their permits though.  Take a further look at the article:

According to Mississippi State Tax Commission representative Kathy Waterbury, the department has issued four permits to retail stores and one to a wholesaler so far, with two more retail and two more wholesaler permits pending.  She went on to say that, because of legality issues, the state agency is not allowed to release the names of those businesses.

Still other local stores continue to debate the issue or have decided not to sell beer or light wine.

According to an employee at the Chevron Short Stop at 114 Hwy 15 North, the store owners are not sure if they will sell beer or not and plan to wait a few weeks before making that decision.

Store owners at such businesses as Piggly Wiggly and and Tony’s Quick Stop have stated that they will not sell beer or light wine at their locations.

Of the stores that are planning to sell, none to date have received their permits.  Some store owners said they had heard that the permits would not arrive until April 15 or that the city had pushed back the date for the ordinance to go into effect.

According to New Albany Mayor Tim Kent, the city ordinance did take effect Monday.

“As far as we’re concerned, the stores could have started selling beer today, if they had their permits,” Kent said.

“If they haven’t received their permits, they should check their mail,” Waterbury said.  “Our agency did not push back the date.  The permits go into effect as soon as the businesses receive them.”


If you are in the New Albany area and are enjoying the new access to beer and light wine and are pulled over, give our office a call and let our experienced legal team advise you of your rights.

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