Mississippi Ranked #1 in the Nation for Toughest DUI Laws

Advocacy group Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) ranked the 50 state’s DUI laws in a report that the group releases annually. The report found that Mississippi has the most stringent DUI laws in the country.

MADD came to this conclusion after surveying which states mandated the use of ignition interlock devices for anyone convicted of DWI, including first-time offenders. MADD uses a 5-star rating system in its report based on whether states mandated the use of this device and whether states have specially trained police officers for detecting signs of drunk driving. Other factors the group uses when creating its rankings include frequency of sobriety check points, drunk driving patrols, whether the state has laws that impose harsher penalties for a drunk driver having a minor in the car, and punishing drivers who do not submit to a breathalyzer test.

Based on all of these factors, MADD concluded that Mississippi law enforcement has “cracked-down” the most, along with Maryland and Arizona, and tightened its DUI/DWI laws. You can read more at the Legal Examiner.

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