Mayor Charged With Assault in Mississippi

Anyone can face assault charges in Mississippi – even mayors. After all, everyone is supposed to be equal in the eyes of the law, and no one is above justice. This was proven without a doubt when a mayor in Mississippi was arrested on assault charges. What exactly happened here, and what does this tell us about assault laws in the Magnolia State? 

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 Mayor of Magee Arrested on Assault Charges 

 On August 8th, it was reported that Dale Berry, Mayor of Magee, had been arrested on assault charges. The charges were filed by his wife. According to the police reports, this woman called 9-1-1 from the mayor’s residence. When they arrived at the scene, they could not locate the mayor. Eventually, Berry turned himself into the Simpson County’s Sheriff’s Department, accepting a misdemeanor charge of a simple domestic assault. This is one of the most common assault charges in Mississippi, and it is also one that carries a relatively light penalty.  

 Days later, Berry insisted that he had no intention of stepping down from his office. This was despite his arrest and his charge of simple assault – both factors that seemed completely legitimate. Berry went on to say that he slapped his wife in the face, and this was the cause of the entire incident. In addition, he claimed that his wife threw a cell phone at him, which prompted him to strike her with his left hand.  

 According to the Mayor: 

“She threw her cell phone at me and I did – I did slap her with my left hand. I’ve never even raised my voice at her in 21 years of marriage – and she told the cops that… I plan to plead self-defense because she initiated it.” 

 The couple is reportedly dealing with notable marriage issues, and they are apparently considering divorce. However, Berry maintains that his personal life has no bearing on his ability to do his job as mayor, stating that “City business is fine.” 

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