Hiring a Good Defense Attorney

Here are a few tips when looking for a good defense attorney:

Shop Around – Lawyers use advertising and advertising works but do not be suckered into hiring an attorney just because they have flexible payment plans or a picture of them looking mean.  When looking for a good defense attorney ask your friends and family if they know someone.  If they do, go talk to that attorney.  Also, go talk to the attorney that you saw in the ad.  Bottom line is to go and talk to a few attorneys so you can make an educated decision.

Look for Specialists – No two cases are the same just as no two defense lawyers are the same.  Just because an attorney does criminal defense does not mean he may be the best for your type of criminal case.  Certain areas of criminal law are highly technical and general defense attorneys may not know all the ins and outs of a particular area like DUI.

Beware of Former Prosecutors – You may think that former prosecutors may be the best to get your case won because they used to be on the other side and know all the tricks the prosecution is going to use against you.  This may be the case for some former prosecutors, but you also have to remember that if they are former prosecutors, they became prosecutors for a reason.  They will also likely still have friendly relationships with the current prosecutors which may influence his defense for you.  Ultimately, how commited to criminal defense is a person going to be if they originally entered the field of law prosecuting people like yourself?

Don’t Rely on Connections – Just because an attorney is friends with and hangs out with the judge, prosecutor or police officer does not mean they are just going to look the other way regarding your crime when your defense attorney asks.  A defense attorney having a good relationship with the judge, prosecutor or police officer helps with credibility, but they have a job to do and are not going to set that job aside just because their buddy asks them to.  Avoid lawyers that promise the moon because they hang out with the judge, prosecutor or police officer.  These lawyers are usually stretching the truth.

Make an educated decision when looking for a defense attorney.  After you hire one, then be a good client.  Good clients are honest with their attorney, no matter how embarassing, and good clients know that the legal system is slow and that just because you do not hear from your attorney, does not mean that he is not working on your case to the best of his ability.  Follow all these tips and you should find yourself with the best attorney for your particular case.

Source: http://www.scribd.com/doc/6123526/The-Truth-About-Hiring-a-Criminal-Defense-Lawyer

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