Examples of Fleeing in Mississippi

“Fleeing or eluding a law enforcement officer in a motor vehicle” is a serious offense in
Mississippi. However, most of us know it better as simply “a car chase.” The reason this is
viewed as such a serious crime in Mississippi should be obvious. When you are zooming down
the street while evading the police, all kinds of collateral damage can occur. Innocent motorists
and pedestrians may be hurt, and the responsible thing to do is to pull over. Unfortunately, many
people do not think clearly when faced with the threat of arrest, and the “fight or flight” instinct
can take over.

If you have been charged with fleeing in Mississippi, your best bet is to get in touch with an
experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Our legal professionals can help you
strive for the best possible outcome. A private defense attorney can fight for your rights and
mitigate any potential legal consequences you might be facing. It is best to get in touch right
away to start developing a solid defense strategy.

Carjacker Flees and Tries to Hide in the Mississippi River

On June 8th, it was reported that a suspected carjacker had led police on a car chase through
Anoka before ditching his vehicle by the Mississippi River and dashing for the riverbank.
Unfortunately for him, he was eventually discovered by water patrol units, and police also
discovered a discarded weapon near his hiding place. He was then charged with fleeing a peace
officer in a motor vehicle, among other things.

High Speed Chase in Jackson

On June 6th of 2022, it was reported that four people had been arrested after a high-speed chase
in Jackson. A fifth suspect was still on the loose at the time of the report. It all started when a
stolen Dodge Charger and a Mercedes SUV were spotted by police on I-55. The Mercedes
managed to give the police the slip, but the Dodge Charger was pursued all the way to Canton.
By the time the Charger reached Nissan Parkway, it crashed.

One juvenile was taken into custody while two other occupants of the vehicle ran and were
picked up by the driver of the Mercedes. The Mercedes was then spotted and pursued.
Eventually, all occupants of the Mercedes ditched the vehicle and ran, but they were all taken
into custody. As you might have expected all of them faced felony fleeing charges. Fortunately,
no injuries were reported and no crashes occurred other than the Dodge Charger.

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