DUI’s Affect all Walks of Life

      When hearing about driving under the influence charges, people likely associate or relate it to people in their own lives, friends, or family who have faced similar charges. However, DUI charges effect people without regard to their age, sex, financial standing, or social status. DUI’s affect all walks of life, from bankers, to teachers, to students. The only difference is that many feel that they must plead guilty just because the police stopped them, while others seek out the help of a qualified DUI defense attorney.  

      Though having money to pay for representation does play a part in the decision to seek legal help, many law offices have DUI attorney’s at different price points. In fact, according to Lawyers.com, the national average for the cost difference is 1000$ more with a private attorney versus a public defender or self-representation. Additionally, Private attorneys have substantially higher success rates and clients enjoy a higher client satisfaction rating, more than triple when compared with the services of a public defender. https://www.lawyers.com/legal-info/criminal/dui-dwi/does-using-a-dui-lawyer-give-you-a-better-outcome.html  


      The people with the most power and prestige always seek representation for a DUI charge, so it is fair to assume they feel that having private representation is worth it.  Just in 2022, there have been a string of DUI charges for high profile and high society individuals and all of them have qualified legal representation to fight their case.  


      Paul Pelosi, the husband of Nancy Pelosi, was charged with driving under the influence in Napa County on May 29, 2022. Mr. Pelosi was driving a 2021 Porsche when his vehicle was struck by another person driving a Jeep. Mr. Pelosi has hired a private DUI lawyer for his case. 



      Former USA Women’s Olympic Soccer Player, Hope Solo, was arrested for DUI after she was found passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle with her 2-year-old twins inside. Ms. Solo ended up hiring a private DUI lawyer to help fight her case. 



      Professional wrestler Jeff Hardy was arrested for driving under the influence in Florida on June 13, 2022. Jeff Hardy had a two-decade career in the WWE and was famous for his partnership with his brother as part of WWE’s Hardy Boyz. Mr. Hardy has since hired a private DUI attorney to help assist him in this case. 



      Gonzaga University’s head baseball coach, Mark Machtolf, was arrested for DUI and accused of driving with a blood alcohol content more than three times the legal limit. Mr. Machtolf has hired a private DUI attorney to help defend against the DUI charges he is facing.  



      Stand-up comedian Tiffany Haddish was arrested for DUI earlier this year and has sought legal representation to assist with her case. 



      In every circumstance, when a high profile, high society, celebrity, or professional sports athlete, gets accused or charged of driving under the influence, they undoubtedly seek representation from a qualified attorney. Not only is the total cost difference of private representation relatively low, client satisfaction and the overall chances of winning are substantially greater than when being represented by a public defender or representing yourself. In any case, it is critical to put your best foot forward. Private legal representation enables you to put your best foot forward for your day in court. Everyone charged with a DUI should consult with a private attorney and most attorney’s offer free consultations. You should always have a DUI lawyer discuss your case in order to discover your best outcome.  


Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney 

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