Boat Collision Leaves 2 Dead in Kemper Countuy MS

A Kemper County man was heading towards a sandbar where his father and friend were parked but failed to slow down colliding and killing the two men.  Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries suspects alcohol or drugs may have been involved.  Take a further look at the article:

This will make the eighth boating related fatality in Mississippi so far this year. ”By the time the sun beats on your for six or seven hours fatigue sets in and your reflexes are slow.  You combine that with alcohol or any kind of drug and you got a recipe for disaster,” said Walker.

Brad Hardy faces numerous charges pending the outcome of toxicology testing.  Walker said the three boats involved in the collision have been collected for evidence.  Accident reconstruction could start as early as Tuesday.


It is possible to receive a charge of Boating Under the Influence (BUI) in the State of Mississippi.  If you have been boating and are stopped and alcohol is suspected, give our experienced legal team a call and let us advise you of your rights.

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