A Violent Charge Conviction Can Have A Lasting Impact

Any criminal charge can have life-altering consequences, but if you’re convicted for a violent crime, the consequences will be even greater. Violent crimes are considered a threat to society, which is why the courts aim to punish those convicted with harsh penalties. However, crimes of violence are rarely as black and white as they appear on paper. Our attorneys at the Carmody Law Firm understand that a close inspection/investigation soon after is extremely important when dealing with cases of a violent nature. Simply being charged with armed robbery, murder, assault, kidnapping, or a sexual offense also carries a certain stigma in the community that will have a lasting impact on the offender’s life, even if there is no conviction. 

In addition, the repercussions for a conviction can be hefty, and will include lengthy prison times, large fines, and a damaging mark on your criminal record. Anyone charged with a crime of violence should seek out a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to evaluate their case.  

What Should an Offender do When Being Charged with a Violent Crime Prior to Speaking to their Criminal Defense Attorney? 

If you were charged with a violent crime, follow these key steps to protect your rights: 

  1. Don’t discuss the case before speaking with your attorney. Discussing the case with the police can be dangerous without your attorney present. You should always contact your legal counsel immediately after you’ve been accused or charged with any crime. Police have certain questioning tactics and strategies specifically designed to cause citizens to provide details that could incriminate them. Even if you are completely innocent of the crime, discussing your situation with the police, or anyone else, could severely harm your ability to defend yourself. 
  1. Take notes. Write down everything you can recall from the time when the alleged crime took place. Record everything you recall from the date of the incident in great detail, as these small details could help your attorney investigate and find evidence defend the charges against you. 
  1. Follow your legal plan. Once you and your attorney have created a legal strategy for your case, do what you can to support it to the best of your ability. It might be in your best interest to avoid association with certain people or places, or your lawyer might suggest you avoid talking about the case altogether. In some cases, you should avoid all social media. Whatever the situation, discuss the best course of action with one of our qualified criminal defense attorneys here at the Carmody Law Firm.  

What are Different Types of Violent Crimes? 

Violent crimes be charged using many different names and include the following: armed robbery, arson, simple assault, aggravated assault, firearm crimes, kidnapping, manslaughter, rape, murder, and many other violent felonies. 

What should you do when Charged with a Violent Crime? 

If you have been searching the Mississippi area for a qualified, experienced criminal defense attorney, look no further than Vic Carmody Jr., P.A.. Over the years, we have helped numerous defendants pursue favorable outcomes in violent criminal cases. Although being accused of a violent crime is not a pleasant experience, there are many potential defense strategies that can be used to defend and reduce the charges against you. Call/contact us today for your free consultation to learn more.  

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