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Mississippi Road Laws: Mississippi Criminal Law Traffic Laws

By: Kevin Stewart and Lamar Mixon, Law Book Co-Authors and Criminal Attorneys Near Me in The Magnolia State

Kevin Stewar - Lance MixonMississippi state laws on moving violations are primarily traffic citation and release situations. On July 1, 2017, new road laws in MS went into effect. Your driving record is now in jeopardy of being blemished by the growth of driving laws in MS. This article highlights the value of a traffic ticket lawyer near me to fight for your legal rights.

However, some of the more serious traffic ticket offenses like state of Mississippi DUI laws, Mississippi hit and run law, careless driving and reckless driving MS laws can lead to being handcuffed and taken to jail for violating serious MS motor vehicle laws.

Our lawyers in MS are nationally known for handling thousands of cases involving Mississippi traffic stops laws since 1980. Quite a few of our thousands of trials have involved Mississippi driving laws, and especially Mississippi driving and driving laws.

Many New Mississippi Traffic Laws

In the past 40 years, multiple new legislative enactments have added new Mississippi laws that permit law enforcement to blue light you and pull you over. Some of these laws were pushed by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety ( that maintains our MS DMV records) These are a few of those statutes that weren't around when Ronald Reagan took up residence in the White House;

Mississippi ignition interlock law

Mississippi move-over laws

Mississippi car seat laws (rear facing car seats for babies)

More ways to violate the Mississippi suspended driving laws

Mississippi window tint laws on the side or rear window

Mississippi helmet laws -Emergency vehicles with a variety of amber, red and blue lights must be yielded to.

Mississippi booster seat laws - Mississippi cell phone driving laws 2020

Mississippi expungement laws and Non-Adjudication Laws

Permanent Record

MS texting while driving laws (the so-called hands-free law)

How Things have Changed when it comes to Traffic Regulations

Half a century ago, it was commonplace to see a bunch of kids riding in the bed of a MS pickup truck. Driving with your license suspended in MS usually only meant a fine had to be paid. Plus, our senior partner clearly remembers when you did not need to wear a helmet to operate a motorcycle.

Today, upon seeing a cyclist without a helmet, once on the side of the road, some police officers would add a Mississippi reckless driving law ticket. Beyond the citations, if you were also speeding or following too closely, he or she might give you a lecture of how they have cleaned up after such negligent bikers after they killed themselves after being involved in an accident.

Today, multiple traffic citations would be issued, since all passengers must be seat-belted in. Plus, many of our modern trucks have a back seat, with those necessary seat belts.

Plus, in that same time period, Mississippi drinking laws and Mississippi drug laws have tried to create a deterrence by boosting punishment and taking away driving privileges for those with controlled substances (e.g., schedule II drugs) in a vehicle. Today, you can be pulled over for suspicion of violating Mississippi tint laws and get taken to jail for committing a second crime of violating the Mississippi drinking and driving laws.

Mississippians will have differing opinions of many of these new laws. Many Southerners do not believe that these laws are necessary to keep the roads safe. If you need a traffic lawyer near me, our attorneys cover ALL of Mississippi.

Some will boldly tell you that such excessive law-making is nothing more than a scheme to take more money out of citizens' pockets.

Criminal Defense Attorneys with Nearly 70 Years of Combined Criminal Law Experience
Mississippi DUI Lawyers

If you have received a traffic ticket, or have questions about these new laws, call today. 1-800-360-3847. Our lawyers near me offer you a FREE consultation. Vic Carmody, Lamar Mixon and Kevin Stewart are each legal book authors and have an award-winning law firm of partners with high attorney ratings.

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