How Does the Sex Offender Registry Work in Mississippi?

Few states are as tough on sex crime and sexual assault-related offenses as Mississippi. Mississippi sexual assault law is extensive and if you are convicted of sexual assault in Mississippi, you will carry a heavy burden for a long period. The list of “registrable offenses” in the state of Mississippi contains 23 items ranging from rape to the neglect of a child who was sexually abused by another person. In Mississippi, it is not uncommon to find oneself on a registry for a crime that the “offender” never knew was a crime, let alone a crime that results in a long-standing presence on a sex offender list. If you are on a sex offender registry, many aspects of privacy that many citizens of the USA hold dear no longer apply to you. Convictions for sexual offense crimes are difficult to fight post-conviction, so you will want to fight the conviction with the best legal defense possible or possibly seek a plea deal. In all circumstances, you do not want to end up on a sex offender registry as this will negatively impact all aspects of your life and perhaps even seriously damage them.  

 What Offenses Can Place Me on a Sex Offender Registry? 

 As referenced above, Mississippi has a long list of registrable offenses. Many of them are typical and intuitive and can be accessed in detail here. Below we will discuss some of the more atypical offenses which are considered registrable offenses. These include: 


  • Section 97-29-59 relating to unnatural intercourse 
  • Section 97-29-63 relating to filming another without permission where there is an expectation of privacy 
  • Section 97-5-39(1)(c) relating to contributing to the neglect or delinquency of a child, felonious abuse or battery of a child, if the victim was sexually abused 
  • Any other offense resulting in a conviction in another jurisdiction that, if committed in this state, would be deemed to be such a crime without regard to its designation elsewhere 


It is important to note that, as per the last listed offense, you could be placed on a registry for committing a crime outside of Mississippi which in Mississippi would be deemed a registerable offense. 

 Sex Offender Registry Obligations 

 Within three business days of conviction, an offender must register with the Department of Public Safety and must also report to the Department of Public Safety driver’s license station to pick up a Sex Offender Registration ID. Offenders must also notify the Mississippi county where they are moving or returning ten days before arriving in any Mississippi county and within three days of arriving must register or re-register. 

 How Long Will I be on a Sex Offender Registry 

 Offenders may petition the court to be released from the duties of registration after satisfying the minimum term period of their associated conviction after the end of their incarceration. If you are incarcerated, even for unrelated crimes, your registration period minimum restarts. For most offenders, Mississippi lists offenses under three tiers.  


  • Tier One: Requires registration for a minimum of 15 years 
  • Tier Two: Requires registration for a minimum of 25 years 
  • Tier Three: Requires lifetime registration, offender is not eligible to petition for relief of duty except under key exemptions.  


For a list of which crimes are included in each tier, please visit here. 

 Critically, an offender who has two offenses on any of the tiers, even if they are both from lower tiers, will be required to register for life.  

 Can I Relieve Myself of My Duty to Register in Any Way, Legally 

 Sex offenders may be exempt from certain types of post-conviction proceedings in the state of Mississippi, such as expungement. However, other avenues such as seeking a pardon or having the charges dismissed are still possible in the Magnolia State. If you believe that you have circumstances that give you grounds for a pardon or a dismissal of charges or would like to explore the possibility, please contact us.  

 Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today 

 If you have questions about a convicted sex crime, an upcoming trial, or seeking out a pardon for past crimes, be sure to get in touch with Vic Carmody Jr., P.A. We have helped many individuals in Mississippi pursue a fresh slate and put their criminal pasts behind them. We can also help you pursue options to get you off of the registry which can help you regain control of your life. Book your consultation today.  

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