Articles Posted in Are Pets Property in a Divorce?

Divorce can be a difficult and emotional process for all parties involved, including family pets. In many cases, pets are considered members of the family and the idea of separating from them can be just as painful as separating from a human loved one. However, unlike human family members, pets do not have a voice in the legal process and their well-being is often overlooked.

Pets are Treated Like Personal Property

When a couple gets a divorce, one of the main concerns is determining who will get custody of the children. But because family pets are not humans, they are not treated like children, but are treated like personal property in a divorce. If the couple can come to an agreement about who will keep the pets after the divorce, the court will usually honor this agreement. But if the couple cannot agree, the court will treat the pet just like it was a car, gun, furniture, or any other piece of personal property.

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